Live Demo

With the UK general election approaching, we have extended the demo to show concept maps for the manifestos of four of the competing political parties.
See how they shape up!

We deliver custom solutions to help you create better web pages. You can find lots of tools that help you with page design and layout. We go beyond this by helping you understand and organise your content. Design and layout are very important, but the content is what really counts.

  • The demo shows three sets of web pages 
  • Analysed to create concept maps.
    • Reverse-engineered mind maps that show the underlying concepts and ideas 
  • Helps authors by showing them what people are likely to understand from what they wrote
    • Not what they intended people to understand. 

Each map shows the central concept and the main subsidiary ones that support it. You can see the key quotes in the source material for each concept.

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Concept Maps

Enterprise Architecture
The Communist Manifesto
Web Design

Hover over a concept to show its title. Click on it to zoom in and show its details below the map. You can scroll the map when zoomed in. Click anywhere outside a concept to zoom back out.