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The Challenge of Managing Information

In today's digital age, there's no shortage of online resources available to us. However, with so much content out there, it can be challenging to curate, organize and present the most relevant and engaging information for your audience. Whether you're a marketer, researcher, or technologist, presenting online resources clearly and effectively can be a major challenge.

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Transform your Online Resource Management and Extract the Most Relevant Information

KnOW is a knowledge management platform designed to help you identify, organize and present your online resources with ease. Utilizing powerful NLP algorithms, you can quickly and efficiently curate the most relevant content for your audience. It will identify and summarize key ideas, provide references and support you in producing an authoritative presentation.

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KnOW Can Help You Find Answers

KnOW uses AI algorithms to process information quickly and identify the most relevant content. Your team can use it collaboratively to decide what is important and how to structure it. Whether you're curating news articles, blog posts, or other content from around the web, or organizing large and complex websites with duplicated and conflicting information, our solutions can help.

  • Identify the key topics in your content and see where they appear. Useful for getting a quick overview and for detecting inconsistency.
  • Re-structure a complex website that has become too large and difficult to navigate.
  • Find where your topics and ideas appear in external content. This can help you understand how your material stands out or see where others copy you.
  • Generate summaries of your content that can help you gain a quick understanding of your desired subject.
  • Produce an authoritative guide to a subject that presents it best for your audience.
  • Track changes in a subject area over time. This will help you see trends as they develop.

How Can You Use KnOW?

KnOW has a wide range of use cases that can benefit individuals and teams in various industries and domains. Here are some examples of how our solution can be used.

Marketing & Branding

  • Conduct market research by analyzing your competitor's websites, customer reviews, social media mentions, and online articles 
  • Analyze website content and structure to improve your SEO 
  • Create a content strategy for your website

Researchers & Groups

  • Organize and manage research data
  • Collaborate on research projects by sharing and commenting on research materials
  • Create an authoritative statement of your findings

Working Groups

  • Explore the topic you are working on to identify the existing practices
  • Organize and manage your sources
  • Collaboratively evaluate topics and ideas

Use Cases


Amelia is the new website manager of a major industry association, which has a large and disorganized website that is causing the association to lose members. Her goal is to create a clear and attractive website that showcases the industry and encourages more companies to join the association. To achieve this, she uses an Ideas Map of the website content, produced by KnOW, to identify important topics and re-structures the web pages accordingly.


Benjamin produces books on fast-developing subjects and manages a team of authors who write different sections. To ensure comprehensive coverage and present popular areas in innovative ways, Benjamin uses KnOW to create two Ideas Maps: one from the Web and one from the authors' drafts. These maps show popular topics and their location in the sources, and they are updated as the drafts are developed. By comparing the drafts map with the subject map, Benjamin evaluates the book's coverage quality and identifies new ideas.


Charlotte is a brand manager for a product in a competitive market. She needs to position her product so that it stands out from and keeps ahead of the competition. Lacibus produces an Ideas Map of all the competitors' web pages that shows what features they are promoting. The map is continually updated, so that she can see when they introduce new features, or new ways of describing old ones. This halves the time she has to spend on monitoring the competition.

Get Your KnOW

KnOW is a tool adapted to your needs and requirements. 

Therefore, we don’t offer an off-the-shelf solution but customize it for you.

Step 1: Learning more about your requirements.
We discuss what you wish to achieve and how you’d like to use the tool.

We will place special dedication to the interface design requirements so that we create the optimal experience for you.

Step 2: Deployment of a prototype
We will move fast and nimbly to deploy a prototype you can use in trial mode.

Step 3: Live system 
When you’re happy with how KnOW performs, your KnOW will become a live system.

Step 4: Further development
We can support you in evolving your KnOW to scale with your needs and wishes.

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About KnOW and Lacibus

At Lacibus, we believe that being able to harness information and turn it into knowledge is key to success. We provide cutting-edge technology solutions to help teams and individuals organize, manage, and share knowledge. With our expertise, we have developed a solution that provides the latest in machine learning algorithms to make sense of the vast amounts of information available online. Our technology helps users cut through the noise and identify the most relevant and valuable content, saving them time and effort. We are passionate about our work and are dedicated to providing the best solutions for our customers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of data sources can KnOW analyze?

Our product can analyze various data sources, including websites, news articles, blogs, forums, social media, and more.

What kind of insights can your product provide for marketing and branding?

KnOW can help you understand what messages readers will take away from your marketing content, and how well they align with your brand. It can also help you understand how other products' messaging compares with yours.

How does your product ensure the accuracy of the analyzed data?

KnOW uses Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) techniques to ensure that responses reflect what is in the analyzed data. No AI system is 100% accurate, and an AI system cannot "take responsibility" for its output. We recommend that it is used to speed up the work of humans, not to replace them.

Can your product integrate with other tools or software?

We can integrate many other products into your KnOW solution, particularly if they have REST APIs and can work in a cloud-native environment. Contact us to discuss this!

How can your product be customized for different use cases?

We discuss what you wish to achieve and how you’d like to use the tool. Our developers then create a customized solution for your use case from our pre-built software components.

How long does it take you to develop the product?

This depends on your requirements. We will discuss timescales with you and provide delivery dates for prototypes and solutions.

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