Data Content Management

Data Content Management

Create and Display Data

Soda is a data content management system. It has a full set of features for displaying text and graphics, and can also display views of the data, interspersed with other content. Views don't just display data, they also enable users to create data, edit it, and delete it. In Soda's content structure, they are as important as pages, putting data at the centre of content presentation.

Control Access

By giving data providers fine-grained control over the use of their data, Soda makes it commercially worthwhile for them to create data and develop data-transformation applications. 

Import Data

Soda supports import of data from APIs using JSON, the favoured delivery format. The imported data is added to Soda's content structure. It can be included in web pages, using the views defined at the analysis stage, as well as being available for processing and transformation by applications. 

Combine Data

Soda makes it easy to combine data from different sources. Applications that depend on user input and do not require complex data analysis or transformation can often be implemented using a no-code approach with Soda views.

The Data Centric Revolution

The data centric revolution puts data at the center of enterprise architecture, as a permanent asset, while applications that use it come and go. Its principles are enshrined in the Data Centric Manifesto. Lacibus is a proud supporter of the data centric movement. Soda is an ideal platform for data processing in a data centric enterprise.