The navigation button enables you to find sources, workspaces, pages, views, and files. Also, each of these resources has a location on the World-Wide Web, and can be accessed via its Uniform Resource Locator (URL).

Navigation Button

The navigation button appears at the top of each editable page and each view. It enables you to navigate the content. Unless you are on the main home page, clicking the navigation button will take you to the workspace that contains the page or view. The main home page is not in a workspace; clicking its navigation button takes you to the sources page.

Each workspace page has a list of members and a context. Each source home page has a list of workspaces and a context. The member, workspace and context item names are hyperlinked, so that clicking a name takes you to the page for the named resource.

A workspace context includes the main home page, the ancestor workspaces, the home source, the parent source, and the sources page. A source context includes the main home page, the home source, the sources page, the source items page, the source access levels page, and the source identity providers page.

The sources page lists the connected sources and has a context including the main home page and the home source.


Each source, workspace, page, view and uploaded file has a URL. If is the URL of the Soda installation, then its system source is at, its home source is at and, if src is another connected source, then its URL is If ws is a workspace in the src source, then its URL is If res is a page, view, uploaded file or sub-workspace in the ws workspace, its URL is

A source can also contain some special pages. A source's named items page lists the named items in the source. In our example system,,, and would be named items pages. A source's access levels page lists the named access levels in the source. In our example system,,, and would be access levels pages. Also, each access level has its own special page, linked to from its source's access levels page. In our example, the page for the home source admin access level would be The home source has a sources page that lists the available and connected sources other than the system and home sources. This would be in our example.

Soda has a REST API that enables web clients to use its facilities. This is accessed as though it were a special page named .api on the home source. In our example, the API would have URL