Files of any kind, text or binary, can be members of workspaces. They can include images for display in pages, templates to define page formats, and other files for other purposes.

Working With Files

To upload a file, you must have write access to a workspace. Go to the workspace page and click the edit button at the top. An add button will appear below the list of workspace members. Click it, enter the name of the new workspace member, and select its type as File. A file selector widget will appear. Use it to select a file from your local system. Select its read and write access levels. Click the proceed button to upload the file and add it to the workspace as a member.

You can change the name, access levels, and content of the file by clicking its settings button on the workspace page. To change its content, upload a different file. You cannot change its type. 

You can delete the file by clicking the delete button on the workspace page. You can delete a file even if it has has uploaded content.

To view the file (assuming that it is a file that can be viewed in a browser, for example a pdf or jpeg file), click its name on the workspace page. This is a hyperlink to the file's URL.