A source is a collection of data that can be accessed by virtual data lakes on the World-Wide Web.

Use by Soda

Soda is a virtual data lake application. Virtual data lakes enable applications to mix and match data from different sources, applying distributed access control to ensure the right people have the right data. Soda gives you, the user, the ability to display, create, change and delete data that is contained in data sources. What data you can access depends on your role.

Sources and their data can be created by other means than Soda. Soda can deal with data in any source that is compatible with Lacibus virtual data lakes. These pages describe how sources created by Soda are structured. Other sources may be organized differently.

Working With Sources

The sources page shows the sources that are currently connected.

The home source administrator can connect and disconnect sources, define new sources for connection, and delete the definitions of sources that are no longer required. To do this, go to the sources page and click the edit button at the top of the page. The list of connected sources will change to a list of all defined sources. If a source is connected, it will have a disconnect button; if it is not connected, it will have a connect button. To connect or disconnect a source, click the button.

To define a source, click the add button below the list, and enter the name that you will use for the source, its numeric identifier, its type, whether it should be connected automatically when the system starts, and whether to connect as the owner of the source.

You can give a source any name that does not conflict with the names of other defined sources or names reserved by the system. You can connect to a source with different names at different times. Different Soda installations can connect to the same source with different names at the same time.

The source number is unique within a given domain (for a domain source) or globally (for a global source). Once it has been defined, you cannot change it. If you create a domain source you can set its number, provided it does not clash with the numbers of other domain sources. Global source numbers are centrally allocated. You must select the correct number for the source you wish to use.

Each source is defined as being of a particular type. If you create a source you can set its type, otherwise you must select the correct type for the source you wish to use.

You can choose whether a source is connected automatically on system re-start.

If your Soda installation is the owner of a source then users of your installation can create, change and delete data on the source, subject to access permission. If it is not the owner then users of your installation can only read data on the source. A source can only have one owner.