Virtual Data Lakes

Soda is a data content management system based on virtual data lakes.

The Lacibus virtual data lake implementation is an open source Java program. There is information about it on the website, which covers the open source aspects of Lacibus work. The project is hosted on Gitlab and described on its wiki page, which contains a link to the source code documentation.

The Soda Data Content Management System

Soda is mostly written in Java, with some client-side Javascript. It provides a user interface to data stored in virtual data lake sources, with the ability to display data, edit data, and import data from JSON APIs.

Technology 101

Soda is at the intersection of some complex technology, such as traditional data management, new data storage paradigms, semantic technology, knowledge graphs, zero-trust security, and web APIs. Here is a selection of YouTube videos on these technologies. They won't make you an expert, but they are the best short introductions to their subjects that we could find. (If you have made, or know of a really good short video on or related to these topics, please tell us about it!)

Data Modeling

Claris give an overview of traditional data modeling and entity-relationship diagrams. August 2017, 4 minutes.


Randall Hunt and Rick Houlihan of AWS give a good explanation of NoSQL vs relational DBMS, with a product pitch. December 2018, 3 minutes.

Data Lakes

Adam Kokoloski of IBM talks about what data lakes are and how you use them. June 2019, 5 minutes.

Graph Databases

Brief explanation by Eye-on-Tech of what graph databases are and why they are useful. February 2020, 2 minutes.

Data Virtualization

Peter Tran of Cisco gives an overview of data virtualization and distinguishes it from other data integration approaches. September 2011, 4 minutes.

The Data Integration Problem

Mark Wallace of Semantic Arts explains why 40-70% of most IT budgets are spent on integration, and what can be done to fix the problem. July 2020, 4 minutes.

Semantic Technology

Fullstack Academy cover a surprising amount of semantic technology, starting from scratch. August 2017, 9 minutes.

The Knowledge Graph

Google's insights on the knowledge graph. Historical, and still relevant. May 2012, 3 minutes.

Enterprise Knowledge Graphs

Yanko Ivanov of Enterprise Knowledge LLC talks about building enterprise knowledge graphs. September 2019, 2 minutes.

Deep Learning

Simplilearn give a fun and simple introduction to the concepts of deep learning. June 2019, 6 minutes.


Aaron Parecki talks about what Oauth is and why it matters, without going into technical details of how it works. January 2020, 6 minutes.

The API Economy

IBM explains the business benefits driving the API economy. November 2016, 3 minutes.

API Concepts and Examples

Ben Bjurstrom talks about what an API is and why it's important in web development. July 2014, 9 minutes.


Brief explanation of the JSON data format by CSRocks. August 2017, 1 minute.

Enterprise Architecture

Gerben Wierda puts the case for enterprise architecture in a nutshell. April 2013, 4 minutes.