Lacibus Ltd (pronounced lake-ibus) is a company formed to provide services based on virtual data lakes and data-centered architecture.

Lacibus has a virtual data lake implementation, and a simple data content management system. Together, they enable users to manipulate data held in local stores and on the cloud.

Virtual Data Lakes

Virtual data lakes enable applications to connect to data sources and mix-and-match the data. They provide fine-grained access control so that the owners of the data can control its use. They enable data-centered architecture of IT systems.

Free-trial virtual data lakes are now available by invitation!

Data-Centered Architecture

Data-Centered Architecture is an architecture style in which the data is designed first and applications are then designed to create and use the data. With the Internet and the World-Wide Web, an application or application component can access data anywhere. In a data-centered architecture, applications do not have complex internal data structures, they access external data sources. Complex messages between application components are replaced by notifications that data has changed.

Open Systems

Lacibus is committed to open systems. The company is a member of The Open Group and is making its virtual data lake implementation open source.


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